Dream Farm

Dream Farm Mushrooms is a community-based mushroom farm and education project located in Point Reyes, California, about 1 hour north of San Francisco.

We cultivate mushrooms and mushroom products both for food and wellness, offer workshops and events, and engage in research.

Why Are We Here?

In 1897 the painter Paul Gauguin wrote: “Where do we come from, what are we, where are we going?”.

Our planet is in crisis. Our climate is out of balance, pollution is getting worse, human health is suffering, and other life forms are facing extinction. The world of fungi is rising to the occasion in so many ways to lend a helping, and healing, hand. They offer us powerful medicine and extraordinarily nutritious food. They offer non-toxic alternatives for building and packaging materials, they clean up our contaminated soil and water, and they even eat our plastic.
And, importantly, they “lead by example”: showing us, if we look deeply at their wonderful “Wood Wide Web” that the way out of this mess is through collaboration, cooperation, interconnection, and partnership.

The Farm & Sustainability

The core of Dream Farm Mushrooms is a small working mushroom farm, growing mushrooms for food and wellness. We are committed to ecologically-based “low tech” mushroom farming: leveraging natural systems for our growing methods by using fresh air, sunlight and controlled humidity in outdoor greenhouses, instead of the industrial indoor growing commonly practiced in commercial mushroom cultivation.

In addition, we are actively in search of, and testing, viable alternatives to plastic use in our cultivation practices. Single-use plastic is a big “plastic elephant in the room” of most commercial mushroom farming, and a generator of massive quantities of plastic waste every year.


Our offerings include fresh and dried mushrooms, mushroom-based products, mushroom teas, “grow your own” Little Farm mushroom kits, and coming soon: mushroom supplements, mushroom hot chocolate, and other delightful and healing treats.


Our workshops offer learning on a variety of interrelated topics including mushrooms as food and medicine, cooking, growing them, history, lore, traditional use, applications in art and building, and more!


We are actively seeking opportunities to partner with and support the local community of West Marin, through collaborations, community events, community meals, co-farming, and educational programs. A Bio/Myco-Artist-in-Residence program is in the works – stay tuned!

Special thanks to Toby’s Feed Barn for their support, and to Red Whale Coffee in San Rafael, to Heidrun Meadery and Brickmaiden Breads in Point Reyes Station, and to Inverness Park Market in Inverness Park for their donations of supplies and materials to the farm.

Dream Farm Unlimited, LLC Founded 2021

About Us


Cynthia Skovlin

Founder & Owner

Cynthia has been a mycologist for over 30 years and lives in Point Reyes Station. She brings her training in landscape architecture, biodynamic farming, urban planning, ecology and philosophy to the mission and vision for Dream Farm Mushrooms, and is a member of the climate action artist collective CICADA.